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In April 2014, when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Xinjiang and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, he encouraged cadres aiding Xinjiang to carry forward the spirit of the corps of "loving country, dedicating selflessly, working hard, pioneering and pushing ahead" in combination with the spirit of Lvliang, and contribute to the construction of Xinjiang.


There are such a group of people who are knowledgeable and courageous. They crossed the flames of war to Tianshan Mountains. On the wasteland, they worked hard from scratch. Through their efforts, gradienter and plough took place of collimator and artillery to transform the bare wasteland into oasis and build a number of factories. They have faithfully fulfilled the glorious mission of constructing the border areas and guarding the territorial boundaries entrusted by the country, and made outstanding achievements in developing and constructing Xinjiang, promoting ethnic unity and social progress, and consolidating northwest border defense. Hundreds of thousands of people in the corps devoted their youth, enthusiasm and lives to form "the spirit of the corps".


Wang Zhen led the PLA Xinjiang garrison to open up wasteland, guarded the borderline, and carry out large-scale production campaigns; Zhang Fuqing guarded the territorial boundaries and reclaimed wasteland in Caohu Town, creating “the first plough of army reclamation”; Mei Lian, a female doctor of the company healthcare clinic in the corps, stays true to the original aspiration in Ba'erluke Mountain; Ma Junwu and his wife are "determined to defend the country's borders all the life"... In the long process of reclaiming wasteland and safeguarding the borderline, the cadres and staff of the corps have formed the spirit of the corps of "loving country, dedicating selflessly, working hard, pioneering and pushing ahead".


For more than 60 years, generations of people in the corps have taken root around the deserts and along the borderline in Xinjiang. For the economic development and social stability in Xinjiang, they, with perseverance and courage, have overcome all the difficulties and obstacles, composing touching triumphs of times.

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